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Thursday June 30, 2016


Hello everyone. This is Melissa Wilder, and today I am sitting down with our newest Platinum Council member, Anna Wertich. I will ask her to share her story and how she got to Platinum. Welcome Anna.

Thank you Melissa, so glad to be here. Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. As you know you have always been an inspiration to me and your leadership and mentorship has meant a lot to me.

Tell us about your journey Anna. How is it that you are here today, a Platinum? What did it take? Take us back to the beginning.

The beginning! That was a long time ago! Let’s just go back to my first year with LegalShield. I didn’t start fast, and really didn’t understand at the beginning what I needed to do to get here. But there was one thing I did know. I knew that I had found a home, and beyond that I made a commitment that I would not quit until I had made a million dollars. Looking back, that was a low bar to set, but it was as far as I could see at the time. But the important thing is the commitment. Each person needs to look at the commitments they have made in their life, whether it’s to marriage, or parenting, or faith, or success…whatever it is. The commitments we succeed at have two things in common. First of all, the commitment is “no matter what”. I fell back on that when the going got hard, when the management changed, when it just wasn’t working…all the times it seemed easier to quit. I would look myself in the eye and say “Anna, you said no matter what”. And the second part was this question: “what am I doing today to keep my commitment?” Just like marriage or parenting, we say ‘I do’ or ‘it’s a boy’, but then the real work begins.  There are few glamorous movie camera moments, just daily tasks, everyday commitments, and before you know it you’ve been married for decades and the grandkids are here.  This business is the same, make the big commitment, but then it is the day in and day out disciplines that get you to the top. There is no secret in the way I built me business, I did decision maker appointments and one to ones day after day. Three way calls, team building, briefings, group enrollments, training with the team, and one day after the next, and those small actions all put together with the right frame of mind brought me to where I am.

Let’s talk about frame of mind Anna. You often train on the mental game. Tell me more about that.

One’s mindset is so crucial to success. Many people just say, tell me how, but how is not the ingredient that results in success or failure.  Getting a clear picture of your life:  everything from your work to your relationships to your faith to your health.  Nothing that we are is a result of accident; we become what we think about most of the time.  But when I started my career many years ago, I was completely unaware of this, and thought that some people get lucky breaks and some don’t. It never occurred to me that the outcome of my life was in my hands.  All of my team members and now everyone in our company has access to my training program called “What to do to get what you want in your life”. It has been a huge success and many people tell me it has had a profound impact on their life. From losing weight to finding the ideal mate to building a Platinum organization…these ideas are universal and they simply work!

Back in April of 2014, I was in Las Vegas for a convention at the Rio and our room overlooked the La Madre Mountain Range. I was not happy with my business, and was frustrated with myself. Being on east coast time, I woke up early before the dawn, and watched the day break over the mountains as the sun rose behind me illuminating the remarkable vista. I promised myself that day that I would climb the mountain that was holding me back, and that my business and my life would be very different.

My obstacles didn’t go away that day Melissa, but I did make a DECISION (one of my favorite words!!) that I was going to the top, that I would be a Platinum, and that I would build the most productive team in all of LegalShield and that nothing could stop me. Looking at that mountain it seemed big and powerful, yet with the sun rising I could see every detail, and I knew, and I knew that I knew that if I set off to the summit, and climbed a little every day, that nothing could keep me away from reaching the top.

So what is life like for a Platinum?

Wow – it is really amazing. I always start my day with quiet time…you can’t design your life unless you make the time to do it! Knowing what my focus areas are keeps me efficient and focused, and my work gets done in far less time. I exercise every day and Hal and I love to go on long bike rides or play golf. Our house has always been a gathering place and we frequently have friends, team members and family over to eat. We adore the grandkids and love having them over. The beauty of what I do is that I work hard when I’m working, so that I can give my undivided attention to my other pursuits also. As you know, I’m always writing the next book!

One of our great passions is to travel and we indulge our love of baseball and presidential history as we travel around the country. We usually visit with team members, then travel to watch baseball and to learn more about history depending on where we land. Sometimes we just go to someplace like the Marriott Starr Pass for golf, relaxation, and pampering.

I can’t begin to describe the peace of mind that I experience every day of my life knowing that I have complete financial freedom. It has allowed me to pursue various projects from writing to literacy training that are deeply fulfilling. I know that my family will never have financial worries and that I have set a great example for those I care about and for many in the company. Every day is a treasure and I look forward to each new day.

Thank you Melissa for interviewing me today, I specifically chose you because you have always modeled success for me. You taught me to ask questions and to listen – those are the best skills we can have in the people business. I truly appreciate your contribution to my journey and look forward to working with you and the Platinum Council as we continue to grow this remarkable company.

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