Week 1 – Here we go again!

Second time through this journey: or is this the first time through the second leg? Time will answer that question.

Prepared for the time commitment, prepared with all my materials. This time the commitment is deeper, this time I know the vital importance of the simple disciplines. This time I won’t question if this is for real (it is), and I won’t drag my feet wondering if I got it all just right (no I didn’t, but it is good and it will improve).

I narrowed the focus of my DMP – this time it is about applying all the amazing learning to a very specific area of my life. There are three areas of my life to which I apply my studying and seeking: this leg will be about focusing on one, knowing that everything will change as part of the upward spiral. Yes, the universe is conspiring to do me good, I am not focusing on the area of most struggle, and I am running with the thing that I love most, knowing that improvement in this area will better the rest of me.

Coming back to Haanel, a homecoming, a sit down with an old and beloved advisor and mentor. When did he change the words in the book…surely some of this was not here last year. But Master Key is good in it’s familiarity and good in it’s newness, it’s another layer of the onion as we come closer and closer to the mysteries of life.

Excited for the journey, more patient this time, more appreciative of the unfoldment along the continuum of understanding. Just starting the first week made me aware of areas in which I had regressed (ahh yes, time for a mental diet) and in areas in which so much growth and change has occurred. I am more excited this time for my fellow travelers, knowing what they are embarking on, and sending positive energy to them as we all become the next better version of ourselves. Let us go forth, and may the journey be as fruitful for each of you as it has been and continues to be for me.