Week 23 – Back from the Silence

Definite Major Purpose

Plan of Action

Positive Mental Attitude

Mastermind Alliance

We have learned the steps, brought all the pieces together, practiced, learned, improved and continued. Some of us have made breath taking changes, some of us subtle movements. All of us are becoming – something more.

Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy.

More of whatever we choose. Not one of us can say we don’t know anymore, because we know. We know that the Truth lies within. And that what we bend our minds to, what we give ourselves to, and what we give to others is what our world is becoming. Are we giving kindness? Then our world is becoming kinder. Are we giving love? Then our world is becoming more loving. Abundance? Joy? Passion? Anything we recognize, focus on, and share fills more and more of our world everyday.

The Definite Major Purpose, the Plan of Action, all the other steps we have mastered are so small compared to the real journey. The journey to our Becoming. To the finding of and releasing of our Truest Self. To our complete and unshakable connection with the Universe.

This journey is about nothing else and about everything. It is the journey home. Home to our Truest Self. Our amazing, powerful, light filled, never ending Self. The place where we are free. To the spot that is I Am.

And when you find it, you will know why you came on this journey. Right back to where you always were.

Welcome Home.

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