Week 13 – Into the quiet

Every year on Christmas Eve, the world turns away from the bustle and the noise, away from shopping malls and traffic jams, away from the cacophony of daily life. There seems to be that moment when spirit moves across the surface of the earth and there is sweet stillness, the immense anticipation of the grand arrival.

Here is that sweet time again, the last delivery truck has come and gone, no more school buses, no rush hour traffic. All of us gathered at home in quiet repose by ourselves or in boisterous celebration with extended families; yet this night is different from any other all year. Every year, in every tradition it is in the midst of the darkness, the short days of the year, that our faith is reborn, that life is hopeful, that the promise of love and light stands bravely against the dark skies and proclaims that the darkness is temporary, the light shall prevail. We raise our voices in beautiful carols, and light our windows with a promise of welcome for all, and most of all celebrate the new beginning that is given to all who choose to receive, to all who have the heart to believe.

This year is doubly special, we have toiled and we have learned, we have struggled and we have had breakthroughs, we have laughed and we have cried. And in our hearts we each know that whatever the visible results have been so far, whether we have met our objective or not, that we are victorious. We have come together, we have learned, we have overcome challenges, and no person is ever the worse for their efforts.

Most amazingly, Mr. Haanel and Mark and Davene have brought us to this place, on this week, where we are taught that “we are a part of the whole, and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole”. We have in the grand tradition of the winter holiday learned that we can be born anew, that we can be something more, more whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy. We will, from our stillness, become more light, more truth, more love, and more aware of our oneness with All.

From my tradition, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, and may each of you find, in the stillness of this sacred night, a new light in your life.

Week 12 – I am Free

The sunrise this morning is spectacular, a vivid stroke of pink and orange and red applied to the canvas by the Master painter. It is an incredible show for my eyes this quiet December morning.

Yet as incredible as the sunrise is, it can barely hold a candle to the excitement, the absolute incredulity that I am feeling inside. Week 12 has come together in a cascade of understanding that has me feeling like my head and heart are bursting with love and light and most of all sheer freedom. Let me attempt to put this unspeakable knowing into words.

First, the 50 minutes in the mirror repeating one sentence…my Definite Major Purpose over and over again. To be honest with you, the mirror is not my friend and I avoid it, so 50 minutes of talking to myself in the mirror probably tripled the amount of time I have spent looking in the mirror all year! But as I looked and spoke, I connected and my heart started to hear, started to recognize, started to feel a closeness with the voice and with the face…it wasn’t the enemy after all. It was ME, the golden me buried under decades of cement and like the young monk praying to the cement Buddha, I saw something golden and perfect. As the fifty minutes passed, I could actually hear with my heart the voices of 10, then 50, then 100’s of people all around the world in our shared incantation…telling the universe who we are. Impressing Infinite Intelligence with our heart’s desire and using our POWER to Create. We are all children of The Creator and we are all related by our Power to Create. Hearing the tears flow for an hour as we masterminded confirmed to me that the voices I had heard from around the world were indeed sharing the same incredible experience as me.

Then I read Jason Houser’s blog (wp.me/p5462s-46 via @MKMMAJason) and he shared that he understood the connection between cause and effect, understood that whatever he didn’t like in his life he had created and he could change. But then he shared the realization that whatever he liked in his life, whatever he loved in his life he had also created and that he never thought to give himself credit for the good he had created. BAM, another chunk of cement on the floor…I too have the habit of taking responsibility for my shortcomings, and neglecting to take credit for the wonderful¬†things that manifest in my life.

And now Part Twelve, ahhh God bless you Mr Haanel. My PPN is Liberty, to be free to live a life that expresses my true self, my highest version of the self that is a child of the Creator, to create as I have been given the power to do. And Haanel tells me in simple words (12:8) …”independence is found to be a practical working knowledge of the creative power of thought.” ¬†Meaning that I have absolute and complete freedom because I now posses the Master Key, I can use my thought to create anything. Literally; anything.

So to bring it all together; I am in there, the golden child under all the cement, and I am love. I create many things, mostly good, some not to my liking, but overwhelming wonderful, amazing, and fulfilling. Lastly, I am completely free to create, with mastery and freedom every desire of my heart; and by applying my power coupled with my love, I WILL leave the world a better place.

P.S. Thanks Mark and Davene: who would have thought enlightenment would come in front of the bathroom mirror!!! LOL Love you!

Week 11 – The marvelous power we possess

Belief: such an important foundation for achievement. We are reminded by Haanel to believe that which we desire already is; has already been accomplished; and once our belief is that solid, then manifestation is inevitable: the result of unchangeable law. “…whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24 NIV)

All of our reading, writing, sitting, visualizing, listening, dream boards, shapes….it is all geared to getting us to see the end result so clearly and vividly that what we seek becomes our reality. This is the power which I wrote about in Week 2, it is the power we contain within our mind to use for the answer to every need, every desire. Opposites attract, and every demand creates a supply, there is no deviation from this law of nature.

Week 10 – What am I causing?

Charles Haanel tells us in this weeks introduction that “you will know how to control any situation by bringing adequate causes into play.” This idea turned on a light bulb for me. Yes, I understand that cause and effect are inseparable, and that all that we see in our world is the result of all that we have thought. But this is a much more declarative concept, ‘bring adequate causes into play’! In other words, decide, desire, and then get busy causing.

What are the causes of earning a 6 figure income or achieving a pin level? What are the causes of wearing my favorite jeans or dress? What are the causes of peace of mind, marital bliss, a world of true friendship and harmonious relationships? The truth is that we know the answer to these questions. The cause of wearing my favorite jeans is healthy food choices and exercise routines that create the physique I desire. The cause of a 6 figure income is repeating certain activities a certain number of times over a certain period of time. Gosh, can it really be that simple? Yes we all know it is that simple. We hear it from our mentors and from the stages of every convention around the globe. ‘I’m no different than you, there are no secrets, I just did what it took until it happened for me; you can too.’

An interesting addition to this is Haanel’s explanation that most of us spend most of our time thinking defensively, or to justify our results. If we could only get down to the bedrock of truth, we would meet the causes that have led us to where we are; and more importantly we can discern the causes that will bring about the desired effects.

So once again back to our work: what am I thinking? Thought is cause, plain and simple. Thought mixed with emotion becomes belief becomes action becomes effect. Keep your thoughts where you have chosen, not where the world scatters them. Create a clear vision, a burning desire, and just start causing and causing and causing…and as surely as the night follows day all of your effects will be in alignment with the beautiful vision you have held so clearly.

What are you causing today?