Week 9 – The perfect tool

It’s true, I love tools. Yes the kind of tools that you see in the garage, from screw drivers (I own dozens) and wrenches, to compound mitres and electric finish nail drivers. Before a single box in the house is unpacked, the slat wall is hung, the tool chests positioned, the workbench is built….I am a dedicated tool aficionado.

So Lesson 9 of the Master Key system definitely spoke to me. Loud and clear. “The proper mechanism of attachment”…ahhh, I get it; the right tool. Anyone who has done even the most rudimentary project using tools knows that if you are trying to install a screw with the wrong tool (a flat head screw with a phillips head screw driver) you are, well, screwed! You can’t tighten a 5/8 bolt head with a 16mm driver.


Haanel lays out for us with indisputable clarity that each of us desires Health, Wealth, and Love. He further shows us that the Universal Supply, or the Creator is “”All Health,” All Substance,” and “All Love”.” (9:4 Haanel) And then in words which reached off the page and grabbed me by the heart he says we must “simply apply the proper “mechanism” of attachment”. (9:1 Haanel) BAM The Right Tool! The light bulbs are going OFF!!

So let’s examine this tool that allows us to properly attach to that which we are seeking. After all, we know that you can’t turn a screw with a hammer.

Haanel lays out for us that the attachment to the mechanism is simply TRUTH. TRUTH meaning right thinking. Right thinking is remembering that the Universal is omnipresent (everywhere, in everyone); omnipotent (sole source of power) and omniscient (has knowledge of everything). The “I am” in each of us is a part of the great Creation, we are of The One, therefore when we use the correct tool to attach, we are a channel of conduction for All That Is. This Truth when coupled with the clear vision we have been developing will manifest as sure as the day follows the night. We have only to hold the vision, and stay connected to the Truth.

Visualization is such an important piece of this process. We hold a vision clearly and firmly before us at all times. Our vision must be of an outcome that is good for all concerned. Our vision must be in line with the Universal principle of growth. Our vision must be clear, fixed, compelling, and our vision will draw in toward us from the Universal everything required for its physical manifestation. Then we see the Truth, that we are made in the image of the Creator, and that we are Creators.

So grab the right tool (TRUTH) and use it the right way (Vision). Know the Truth, give it to everyone, and before you know it, you will be everything you had visioned for yourself by simply attaching the mechanism.


Week 8 – Making Connections

Can you connect what you do today to the you who is going to be here next month next year, next decade?

Haanel teaches us this week that everything we manifest is connected by immutable law to everything we think. Emerson loved good and manifested peace and harmony; Carlyle hated the bad and manifested discord and inharmony. A building is connected to the architect in this same way.

Everything in our Master Key course is a symphony of connections. The mental diet helps us to keep our soon to be manifested thoughts from being weak or harmful. The triangles, circles, colors remind us to focus on our DMP, our little and big successes. We listen to our voices with a background of music bring the right thoughts deeper and deeper into our subconcious, we “greet this day with love in my heart” …our index cards, POA’s, DMP’s …connect, connect , connect.

We are building a matrix from which our future springs in undeniable connection to that which we think today. I imagine me in the year 2019…and imagine that me so clearly that she cannot help but to be exactly as I have visioned her to be. It is incredible.

Sometimes the future seems dim, covered in a shroud of mist. Yet this week as I was traveling south one early morning, I could see the sun rise to my left and almost feel the rotation of the earth, and vision of the future I an so inexorably moving into became clearer, and each day I connect another piece of the puzzle and move closer to a future of my choosing.

“Mind is the ever moving force with which [I] secure the persons and circumstances necessary to build [my] success structure”. Just connect the dots.

Week 7 – Farewell Fearless Leader

There was a poor boy born to a sharecropper in the middle of Oklahoma in the middle of the depression. He had no shoes and attended school when he wasn’t needed in the field. He would go on to become one of our country’s greatest entrepreneurs, a man who changed an industry and had an impact on millions of people.

Harland C Stonecipher decided early to escape the poverty he was raised in and attended college and joined the only profession he was familiar with at the time; school teacher. A few years later, with a wife a young family, he also became a life insurance salesman to make life better for his family. He was seriously injured in a car accident in 1969 on his way to work, and although the driver who struck him was charged in the accident, they choose to sue him. Harland was forced to deplete his life savings to defend himself against a frivolous lawsuit. As a result of this tragedy, he made a decision that no family should ever have to go through the financial devastation he had endured.

And so an idea was born that became the burning desire of one man, and his life’s passion. From a kitchen table beginning with his own ideas and the help of his wife, to one of most successful stocks on the New York Stock Exchange for many years, the story of LegalShield is nothing short of incredible.

The biographical outline is remarkable, but to be in the presence of this man is something hard to capture in words. He and his beloved wife Shirley would walk onto the stage at the end of our annual meeting and the crowd would rise to its feet and erupt into waves of applause. Harland would kiss Shirley, and she would exit the stage and when he raised his big strong hand for us to be still, not one person in the room could resist. 10,000 people would hush, sit, and be so still that not a sound could be heard until Harland began to speak.

His speeches were part congratulations, part exhortation, and always a dose of marching orders. He praised us, thanked us, reminded us that our work was nowhere near done, and always clearly laid out the next steps in the mission.

And a mission it was. If ever there was a man who possessed the qualities of the magnifying glass it was he. His life was dedicated to one goal, equal access to justice for all, and nothing shook him loose. The obstacles he faced were seemingly insurmountable: financial shortfalls, legal and regulatory battles, stock market shenanigans, even the loss of his son, daughter in law and granddaughter. Yet he carried on, when all the others had quit, when no one could see what he saw, when there was no way to do it, he got it done. He focused every ray of light on one thing and from the depth of his conviction, from the power of his single mindedness, he built an idea into a self evident reality, into a company serving millions, and into a shining reflection of the lion’s heart that beat inside this man. His love of God, his family, his company and each of us who were blessed to be drawn into his circle is legendary.

Harland, we mourn your loss as we recommit to serving the purpose and the mission that your life bore testimony to. One thing for sure I know, when you left us behind you were greeted with a loud and resounding “Job well done my good and faithful servant.” I will always be grateful that I was drawn into your circle, it is a privilege that has made and will continue to make my life immeasurably better.

Week 6 – The Power of Harmony

An electrician will tell you the effect of electricity will depend on what you attach to the power source. So it is with our power.

In earlier chapters we learned that the source of power is within. If we gather our thoughts and feelings and direct them all toward the same aim, then just like the drops of rain gathered into a river we can accomplish anything.

So what are you attaching your power supply to? Are you using your power to drive opinion, jealousy, worry, thoughts of sickness, and poverty? Or are you attaching your power to a grander vision of yourself; to happiness, wealth, confidence, success, and harmony?

A simple name for the electricity that is our power is ATTENTION.  Haanel says: “The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated.” (Chapter 6, Master Key)

We have been learning many ways to gather our attention and to direct it towards the object of our desire. But I believe that many of us think about what we want, but continue to live in the old emotions, the same place we have been in the past. What is missing?

The missing ingredient is harmony. Haanel speaks of this often, it is the releasing of grudges, anger, and in general negative attention. Did your team lose? Are you mad about the elections? Furious at your spouse, boss, mother, ex??? All of those thoughts and all of those feelings simply serve to scatter our attention or power. The drops of rain are everywhere and by themselves accomplish little, but when they join together to form a mighty river they can create the Grand Canyon. Create the ‘harmony within’ that Haanel speaks of by releasing anger and grudges, you cannot move forward if you are lugging around this old trash that is harmful only to you.

The carpenter taught us to forgive those who trespass and to make up with our brother before we approach the altar. I have a special room where I go in my mental house for prayer time. Outside the door is a beautiful cedar chest with a strong heavy lid. I put my troubles in the chest before I go to my prayer chair so that I can be in harmony with the Universal, with All that there is. The funny thing is when it is time to get back to my everyday world, I never stop by that chest to pick up my troubles!

If one wishes to grow in power, to move in the direction of their better self, then release the opinions and anger, and allow your undivided attention to generate a stream of power that will carry you to your destination.